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Commercial & Personal Umbrella


Personal Umbrella Insurance in Washington

A personal umbrella policy is the ultimate way to protect your assets and your future. In addition to your standard lines of coverage, a personal umbrella provides an extra level of protection.

A personal umbrella policy covers you when your auto, home or other personal insurance policies are exhausted. A personal umbrella policy is a great way to protect yourself from a lawsuit that not only can impact your current assets, but your future earnings as well. Unfortunately, everyone is a target for a lawsuit. The simple fact is that in today’s lawsuit-happy culture, the unfortunate scenario of being sued for damages that exhaust your other policy limits is a real possibility.

Broader Coverage

  • Excess Liability Policy - year-round coverage for preferred customers needing additional asset protection with a basic limit of $1,000,000.  This program offers additional protection for those whose needs are not met with basic personal liability policies.  Higher limits are available.

An umbrella policy may also pay claims that are not typically covered by other personal policies. Talk to Dorsey Insurance today about a personal umbrella policy today.